Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mr kekacang

Dear b,

I love u so much...I'm hepy hangout wit u our stuff for our big day together..I can't wait to face our big day...I noe I can face everything wit u even we always argue each other...but it's makes we be more matured for face anything...I will always have for u b in no matter wut...nothing will separate us except death...ya, I noe u can take care of me..I noe u can makes me happy..I noe we can build 1 happy family...I will accept u even how u r...I will dear...I will...I don't care wut people wanna talk about u or us..I really don't long as ur family n my family accept n bless our relationship..dat it's more important rite?bcoz of their bless we still together until now..b, I already miss u now...isk3..I'm really damn miss u..:).

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